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Thermbond Refractories use the patented Stellar Binder Systemâ„¢ for easy and accurate mixing, controlled setting, fast dry-out and heat up, thermal shock resistance and other unique properties. Thermbond chemically bonds to existing fired refractories.

CHARACTERISTICS - Zirconia - Very Dense - Thermal Shock Resistant - Coarse Grain - Longer Working Time - High Purity - Abrasion Resistant



Unit Equivalent Bags:1 Jug:1
Bag Weight* 72 lbs 32.7 kg
Jug Weight* 8 lbs 3.6 kg
Drum Weight 400 lbs 181.4 kg
Unit Weight* 80 lbs 36.4 kg
Yield / Unit* 0.38 ft3 0.011 m3
Units / Ton* 24.95 short 27.50 metric
Wet to Dry Ratio* Contact us for details
Liquid Activator FORMULA
Bags Per Pallet 48
Drums Per Dry Pallet 1


1500F (816C) 6000 psi 422 kg/cm2 41.4 N/mm2
2500F (1371C) 6500 psi 457 kg/cm2 44.8 N/mm2

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS (After 1500F (816C))**

  • Al2O3
  • Zr2O2
  • SiO2
  • Fe2O3
  • P2O5
  • Other
  • Total
  • 65.00 %
  • 20 %
  • 10.00 %
  • 0.20 %
  • 4.00 %
  • 0.80 %
  • 100.00 %


Data based on
  • Casting


As Placed 210 lbs/ft3 3364 kg/m3
After 1500F (816C) 200 lbs/ft3 3204 kg/m3


1500F (816C) -0.20%
2500F (1371C) -0.20%
**Test data shown are based on averages subject to normal variation on individual tests, and therefore should not be assumed to be maximum or minimum specifications.
***Application by alternative method may produce somewhat different results.
Measures are approximate and may vary. For mixing partial units, contact Stellar Materials for specific wet-to-dry ratios. See Installation Guide for more detailed information.
To assure you are getting the latest data, see our online data sheets at
Due to the unique nature of the Stellar binder system, test procedures vary slightly from ASTM.
Documentation of these variations is available upon request.
Thermbond is a registered trademark of Stellar Materials Incorporated. All rights reserved.